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Backup Internet?


Do you have a backup to your internet service?  Should you have one? Why would you want to pay for a second internet service?  Let’s discuss it....

Most of today’s small businesses have become dependant on the internet to some degree or another.  A small engine repair shop may only need to occasionally look up part numbers, if the internet service goes out for a few hours it’s not a big deal.  On the other hand, loss of internet for the same period of time at a lawyer’s office can be a real problem!

Now, when you throw VoIP phones and SIP trunking services into the mix, a company is REALLY dependant on the net.  With the further adoption of cloud services we’re all becoming more internet needy.

What happens in your office if your internet goes down for a couple of hours?  How much productivity is lost?  How much incoming business could be lost?  Since we live in Florida, what would happen if you lost internet service for several days due to a natural disaster such as a hurricane?

Here’s my suggestion, if you live in an area that is served by more than one internet service provider, get a backup!  If your primary carrier is the cable company, get a DSL circuit from the phone company.  For $100/month or less you can have a reliable backup circuit that may help your business survive a short outage or even a really long outage.

You’ll also want to get a decent (read: not purchased at a Big Box store) router that can handle more than one WAN connection.  Hire a knowledgeable tech to set up your router so that both services can be used seamlessly.  That way you won’t have to reconfigure anything to keep wheels of commerce rolling during an internet outage.

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Larry Nazworth
North Florida Communications

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Hosted PBX Benefits

We’re often asked what the benefit of a Hosted, Cloud-Based phone system are.  Here’s a few:

Lower Initial Cost- you don’t have to shell out money for the back-end equipment.  You’ll only need the phones and internet/network equipment.

Lower Maintenance Cost- since you don’t have to buy the expensive back-end equipment, you don’t need to worry about it breaking.  You won’t need to worry about any upgrades, it’s all taken care of.

Multiple Locations- with a hosted phone system, it’s very easy to set up a system with users at multiple locations.  End Users can easily work from home or from any location with an internet connection. 

High-End Features- you’ll get all of the features available with a Hosted PBX. (Well, at least with our Hosted PBX.)

You may be able to switch to a Hosted PBX and pay less than you currently pay for your phone service now.  You’ll no longer need to purchase expensive multiple phone lines from The Phone Company™.  You just need an internet connection, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you would like to discuss a Hosted PBX, and obtain a free quote, please Contact Us!

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