IPECS Mobility


Mobility can be a critical need for modern organisations as people need to work from multiple locations and be constantly 'on-line' to handle enquiries and maintain communication paths within the organisation. The IPECS Platform offers an array of solutions to address your mobility requirements.

Customers only need to remember one number. No matter where you are, you can be contacted by one office number by your customers.
Mobility Diagram

Your travelling employees can be permanently connected to your organisation by using wireless data networks such as 3G and Wifi and the technologies built into the IPECS. You can choose how best to maintain this connectivity from a wide range of options which include remote 'hard phones' (just like your desk phone) or use your PDA or mobile to become a remote extension from the IPECS. You can even take advantage of the IPECS' ability to co-ordinate conferences (audio and video), call routing and messaging features. 

Arrow Mobile Extension

Mobile ExtensionIPECS provides mobile extension service so that the Call Server routes your call to your office extension and registered mobile phone at the same time. You can also make calls from your mobile phone with the Caller ID of your office extension.

    • One number office desktop and mobile phone
    • Incoming call handling with linked mobile
    • Optimise mobile call charging with special 'Least-cost routing' systems
    • Incoming call through company lines
    • Outgoing call with company extension ID
    • Call transfer from the mobile extension
    • Out going call from mobile extension
    • Hunt call to the mobile extension
    • Recall to the mobile extension
    • >Indication of the mobile extension status
    • Busy notification to incoming caller
    • Transferred call transfer to the mobile extension

Arrow WiFi Phone

WiFi Phone
Using a network of WiFi standard Access Points (APs), the IPECS WiFi phone has access to the full compliment of IPECS

functionality while on the move. As you move, the WiFi Phone (model: WIT-300HE) automatically locates the most appropriate AP in the network to maintain a call. Because of the mobile phone-like operation and simple GUI, your users will quickly enjoy the many benefits of this WiFi solution.

  • WiFi Technology
  • Connects to standard access points
  • Color screen
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • 2.5mm Headset port
  • Good battery life
  • Docking station included

Learn more about WiFi Solutions Link

Arrow PC & PDA Based phones

PC Based PhonePhontage is a multi-media communication tool using a PC, PDA or Symbian Smartphone based application to link the operation of an on-screen multi-button telephone with other communications related PC applications. All the features of the IP multi-button desk phone are available to the user and can even be linked to the users desk phone so both will ring when a call comes to the extension. The software is compatible with all Microsoft windows Laptops, ultra-mobile notebooks, desktops, PDA and Symbian Operating System smartphones. 

  • Acts as an advanced extension from the IPECS Platform 
  • Call recording, application sharing and video conferencing (Deluxe version only)