LG IPECS Communicator


ipecs communicator


The iPECS communicator extends the power of your desk phone and unified communications to existing mobile devices and allows cost free communication from any location (office, home, hotspots) by using existing WiFi networks to connect to your iPECS network simply and cost effectively.

The reduction in minutes allow the mobile users to use less minutes and reduce their subscription costs by shifting cellular minutes to Wi-Fi minutes

The iPECS Communicator is the Enterprise SIP Mobile Client designed to maximize productivity and reduce cost by shifting existing calls normally placed on cellular network to free Wi-Fi or WLAN.




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Integrated iPECS features

Easy and flexible calls with office desktop phones by integrating with the iPECS platform


  • Make, Answer, Hold and Transfer Calls

  • Do Not Answer (Do Not Disturb) and call pick up supported

  • Select how the call will be placed: over the mobile network or as a SIP call over WiFi

  • Call Hold, Call retrieve and Music on Hold support

  • Flexible conference call facility

  • Internal short message service

  • Phone book management

  • Add or modify contact number by searching the phone directory that is registered on the phone or by importing phone’s contact number list

  • Search contacts by entering the first letter(s) of a contact name

  • Caller ID look up